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ZCast is a live podcasting app, that allows you to broadcast to an audience as they interact in real-time.
I've been beta testing and ZCast makes podcasting as simple as sending a tweet. The most rewarding part has been interacting with, and meeting the Titans of Israel's tech community by engaging via ZCast. Looking forward to casting publicly when it's live!


Paul Curran, Marketing Fitness22

Zula App

Zula is a mobile solution for team communication — moving from fragmented threads to a seamless stream of focused conversation. Zula offers all the tools a team needs for ongoing interaction: instantly joining a conversation, discussing ideas, sharing content, taking a poll, and connecting over a conference call.

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Create a Zula

Create a Zula for the topic you want to discuss and choose people within your Zula network or from different social platforms. The Zula you create is secure and private – only members can see the posts and files shared there.


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Podcasting usually involves conversations with many people. ZCast makes it easy for you to add guest speakers and allows you all to speak in the same space. Great sound quality, no hassle. 

Groupcast Effortlessly

Zula is a team collaboration tool built to help migrate all your conversations, files, and ideas to one place.

During a live cast, the speakers and listeners can interact via chat. With chat, the audience can treat the cast more like an open forum, discuss ideas and help evolve the conversation.

ZCast uses your Twitter network, making promotion and cast set up easier. When you start casting, a tweet will be sent to your following letting them know to join.

ZCast App

Enjoy podcasting in a whole new way with ZCast. Add guests and start broadcasting to a live audience. Experience ZCast via our mobile app or try the browser experience.

Listen & Interact Live

Leverage Your Network

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Share Files

Everything your team shares is saved in a single place that is easy to access and search.  With Zula, you can integrate your Dropbox and share different types of files. Everything you need for your team to succeed is always there, one click away.


Being in a Zula together means conference calling has never been easier — one simple tap and you’re in. No phone numbers, dial-in codes or bridges…just join the call and start to engage your fellow Zula members.


Group Conference Calls

Create different Zulas to stay connected with teams and run different projects under one roof. Don’t waste time using too many tools. With push notifications, you can stay updated on what your team is talking about, no matter where you are.


Everything in One Place

Zula is a great platform for us to communicate with our large team. Zula enables us to categorize conversations with specific teams in different spaces, which helps us manage everyone efficiently.


Shachar Avraham

Co-Founder Campus Pursuit

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